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BBQ Meats

KISSED BY SMOKE AND FLAME served on Wooden Boards

BBQ Meats

Please choose 4 items from the BBQ Menu

Lincolnshire Sausages

Handmade Beef Burgers

Whole beef skirt steaks, cooked black & blue (additional charge per person)

Salmon fillets with fennel & herbs

4oz Rump Steak

Chilli Prawns with Coriander

Chicken with mixed flavours

BBQ Skewers & Sticks

Chicken teriyaki, spring onion, sesame seeds

Chicken, honey, lemon thyme Pork satay, peanuts, ginger

Pork, apple, fennel seed, cider glaze

Courgette, red pepper, haloumi (v)

Veggie & Green Things

Please choose 3 items from veggie & green things

Charred tender stem broccoli, yoghurt, mint & almonds Apple & fennel slaw

Heritage tomato salad,

Blackened sweet corn on the cobs, chicken caramel butter

Rocket Salad with Parmesan and Pine nuts Greek Salad with Feta and Olives

Homemade Coleslaw

Spicy Chickpeas Salad

Moroccan Couscous

Hot Potatoes with Butter and Fresh Parsley

Pepper & Haloumi Parcel

Green Salad with French dressing

Beetroot Salad with Dressing

All served with Relishes, Sauces, Dressings

Fresh Bread


Please choose 2 items from Carbs

Loaded potato skins, bacon, crispy onions, melty cheddar

Sweet potato wedges

New Orleans flavours Dirty potato salad, spring onions, gherkins, baconnaise dressing

Herby grains, pomegranate seeds, nuts & seeds Black rice salad, chilli, sesame & honey

Cater Me Tasty BBQ


If you would like to discuss your future event, please complete the form opposite.

We use locally sourced produce.

All special dietary requirements are catered for. Individual request to be discussed with caterer.