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Bite size stories !
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Bite size stories


Antipasti plater per table to share


Please choose 5 dishes

Sherry Braised Pork

Beef in Red wine

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Aromatic Cubans Stew with Aubergines (v)

Chicken Skewers

Garlic Mushrooms

Fried Haloumi with jalapeno jam

Crispy cauliflower


Sticky Sausages

Sautéed chorizo with red wine

Feta and Cucumber Salad

Patatas Bravas

Steamed Rice

Lettice Gem Salad

Selection of Breads

Cater Me Tasty Tapas
Cater Me Tasty Tapas


If you would like to discuss your future event, please complete the form opposite.

We use locally sourced produce.

All special dietary requirements are catered for. Individual request to be discussed with caterer.